Human Body – Nutrition

Today we picked back up on our study of the human body by talking about nutrition. The fuel for our body machine!
We watched the School House Rock “The Body Machine” video on youtube and learned about how what we eat gives us energy to do fun things!
We also used to gather information on what kinds of healthy foods we should eat and how much. They have some really good resources for kids under the printable material tab.

Next we focused on the food groups with this easy and fun sorting game. All you need is some old magazines and colored paper to sort into the different categories of fruit, veggies, grain, dairy and protein.

After we finished sorting we learned about where our food comes from and did another sorting activity showing what types of food comes from plants and what from animals.
For the reading assignment they read “Stone Soup” and drew a picture of the healthy foods that they would put into their stone soup.

And of course we are having “stone soup” for supper!

 Don’t forget to check out the other lessons in this science study of the human body on the master page!

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