The Risk Of Rejection

Scripture Reading – Luke 4:20-30
S.O.A.P. Reading – Luke 4:23-27

He answered, “I suppose you’re going to quote the proverb, ‘Doctor, go heal yourself. Do here in your hometown what we heard you did in Capernaum.’ Well, let me tell you something: No prophet is ever welcomed in his hometown. Isn’t it a fact that there were many widows in Israel at the time of Elijah during that three and a half years of drought when famine devastated the land, but the only widow to whom Elijah was sent was in Sarepta in Sidon? And there were many lepers in Israel at the time of the prophet Elisha but the only one cleansed was Naaman the Syrian.”

Jesus had returned to his home area and began telling them about who he was and why he was here. But they would not listen or attempt to understand. They thought they knew him and that no one from their town could be the Messiah. They knew his parents, how could their son be special? “No prophet was ever welcomed in their own home”, that is why Elijah and Elisha (prophets they were very knowledgeable in)  sought out helpers from else where. Jesus gave them a chance before going to another region and they failed.

Do we take the risk of rejection? 

Some of the hardest people/places to witness to are those who know us. Our friends and family. The ones who see the good, bad and ugly. Those who knew us before we knew Christ.  It seems much easier to speak to those we do not know or our acquaintances. Those that we can “pretend”to. Those that don’t see us when we mess up.

In today’s passage, Jesus was having the same issues. Not because of His actions but because of the peoples. The people didn’t want to think that he was any better than they were. They didn’t accept the fact that God could use someone that was among them. This was only the first of many rejections that Christ would face. Even now he is being rejected by His people. But he never stops loving or gives up on them, us.

We to should remand persistent. We should risk the rejection and minister with our lives and words to those around us, those closest to us. If we love them we wouldn’t want them to suffer not knowing the truth and have them spend eternity away from God. We love them enough to put away our own self and abandon our comfort zone. We love them like Jesus!

Lord, once again thank you for your example of love. Thank you for allowing someone to love me enough to share the truth so that I may rejoice in your kingdom someday. Help me to abandon my fear of rejection and allow you to use my life to further your kingdom. Lord, help my life and actions always reflect your love. Help me to see past the here and now and to the eternal goal. Amen

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