Weekly Wrap-Up: Holy Week.

We have had a packed out week full of fun, learning and quality family time! It has been the kind of week that your proud of and feel satisfied from. The kind of week where you are happy to be a homeschooler and get the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing the results to all the hard work it takes. Maybe it is because we have made a conscious effort to keep this week 100% Christ centered. I know that should be the goal of every week but as this is Holy Week we have all made that a priority and you know what…it worked! (You can join in a unanimous DUH now. haha)

Everyday I have had something super fun planed to celebrate Holy Week. I posted some of the resources we are using and how we chose to keep Easter simple this year in my “Keeping Holy Week…Holy!” post.

Monday we made a “Resurrection Set”. The girls have had a good time acting out the story of the Passion using this great printable.

We have also been working on a “Resurrection Wreath” which is helping us countdown from Palm Sunday to Pentecost. 
Here is our progress so far.
Wednesday we spent time in the kitchen making our own Matzah for our Passover Seder meal that evening. You can get the recipe and find out what else was on the menu in my “2013 Seder Meal Recipe” post. Here are a few shots form our evening.
Seder Plate

I know that Yamakas are usually for boys.
But it helps the kids to remember that this is a special time.

Getting ready to hide the Afikomen.

Matzah and the Matzah Tosh.

Our Seder meal table.
It’s so funny how sometimes things just click. My oldest daughter had been struggling with her school work for over a month and she began to get frustrated and disliked school. But finally something just clicked and she has been breezing through her work and even reminding me that she needs to do her extra reading. Then she does it without a bribe. haha
After complaining about no snow last week we finally had a good snow storm. Enough that the girls were able to play in it 2 days in a row before our crazy Kansas weather kicked in again and gave us a few 70-80 degree days. Hubby took the girls out yesterday and had a good spring play time. Last night as I was doing chores the bull frogs were croaking so loud down by the creek letting me know that spring was really here. I also had moths buzzing around our porch light which is a sure sign that it will be warmer (even bordering on hot) very soon!

We finally completed our “Human Body” science unit. This was a fun science unit and we all learned so much  about how are bodies work and how we can keep them healthy.

Our finished “Our Body” models.

This week’s recipe of the week was “Country Apple Cake”.

Today we have another packed schedule…
We have regular school, making bread and a bunny cake for Easter dinner, making Resurrection cookies, coloring eggs & Good Friday services.

I also found out that we won a giveaway for tickets to a local homeschool conference! thank you so much “Sidetracked Sarah”! I have wanted to go to one for a long time but we could never fit it in our schedule. This year it will work out and I’m super excited!! Do you go to a homeschool conference? Tell me about your experiences!

I have to take a moment to brag….
My Alma Mater Wichita State University made it to the elite 8 in the NCAA March Madness tournament!!!! Not that I had anything to do with it but it is nice to see your school do well and be proud to come from it. Especially since it is such a small university compared to some of the giants in the tournament!

I hope you all have had a good Holy Week and Easter. How do you celebrate? Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week!

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  1. Sounds like a great week. I had plans to emphasize Easter in our school days but sickness got the best if me and my daughter. Thanks for sharing your activities. Blessings to you and your family this Easter season.

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