Weekly Wrap-Up: Homeschooling and Hospitals

I know it has been awhile since I’ve done a weekly wrap-up or even a steady blog post… It feels like the title “Homeschooling and Hospitals” could describe the entire year but especially the last 2-3 weeks.
Most of that is due to the fact that we have been sick!!!! It started off with me and because of my weakened immune system landed me in the hospital for a few days. I started feeling better so we made the trek to Kansas City for my middle daughter, Alyssa’s, specialist appointment that had been schedule for six months.  
While in KC we had a picnic in the snow, visited the american girl shop and got the girl’s dolls ears pierced. Alyssa received good reports and gets another six months between her next appointment.

When we returned home the baby, Ashlee, got the bug and promptly reinfected me. She was a trooper and did a good job being tough. I had another trip to the hospital although I didn’t have to stay over night. Daddy did an excellent job taking care of all of us!
After we were well Daddy, Audrey and I headed to Carthage Mo for the last Bible quiz of the year. Audrey has been studying the book of Acts and learning 20 memory verses. We got into Carthage and She immediately began feeling sick so we headed straight to the motel. During the night Daddy also became ill. We spent the entire time in the hotel sick. Audrey did feel well enough to go say her memory work but we didn’t stay for the quiz. She said all 20 verses with no problems, which is impressive for a 1st grader, let alone one that’s sick! 
still a little green around the gills!

While we went to the quiz my Mom and Dad kept the other two girls and they went camping in the nice weather that we had. Alyssa has been wanting to catch snow flakes on her tongue all winter but since we haven’t had much snow here in our neck of the woods rain drops were the next best thing!

Now that we are all healthy and well…We have made it through an entire week of school! The girls even got to go on a little field trip with Papa to get baby pigs. Audrey wrote a good story about it for her writing assignment this week. They are looking forward to watching them grow. We have now added 3 little feeder pigs to the circus…um I mean farm. The girls named them Elvis, Cutie & Hump (because it looks like it has a camels hump).
We also got a new game out of all the down time being ill…It is called “Hedbanz”.
It is a guessing game that all ages can play together. You wear a band around your head and put a card in it. You then ask questions until you figure out what you are!
Because of all the upset tummy’s in the house the last few weeks I decided to try my hand at making “Candied Ginger Pieces” hoping it would help settle the upsets. I also saved the syrup to add to tea or for flavored waters!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful and HEALTHY few weeks. Thanks for stopping by and reading our stories!

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