Botany Science Unit

 At last year’s “planning session”, when we decided on what things we would like to learn about, my girls said plants… So I scheduled it in! While searching Pintrest for some ideas, I found this great unit already put together and fell in love! It has most of the areas that we wanted to cover already laid out and organized. So I thought…why re-invent the wheel! So today I am going to share the great unit I found along with some other resources and ideas we are using.

The base of this unit is from “Around the Kampfire”… You can snag some freebies or buy the printables at teachers pay teacher. The unit, “Life Cycle of Plants”, includes 20 activities and printable aids. This includes things like the “fold-able flower project book, observation journal, vocabulary cards, visual aids and soooo much more! She also shows how to use them in her “It’s Planting Time” blog post.

In addition to the printables we are using “The Green Kingdom” book from the set of ChildCraft encyclopedias that I had growing up. I really like this set of 15 books and I get ideas from them often, even if they are a little “dated”…well since their mine then that would mean that I’m dated also…haha (if you ever see them at a garage sale you should pick them up!!!)
eHow has some great science center activities to accompany the botany unit also…

Montessori Print Shop offers some resources including this seed matching activity.

Seed & Plant Matching Cards (Image from Montessori Print Shop)
My kids always love learning in form of music and I stumbled upon this “Parts of a Plant Song” and many other fun educational videos on YouTube. 
I have been wanting to add a microscope to our classroom for a long time but finances just haven’t allowed it. My hubby did a little research and found a microscope app for our smart phones. Yes, I was skeptical  but it has turned out to be a good tool…and the best part is that it’s FREE!!!! It’s called the “Cozy Magnifier and Microscope”. It is fairly easy to use and has helped the girls in their research. Here are some images that we have captured of leaves and sprouting beans.
Chlorophyll in a leaf

sprouting kidney bean

We are having a great time learning all about plants, how they grow and why we need them! Audrey has decided to use this unit as her science fair exhibit! She is so proud of how much her bean has grown!

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