Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up…Screaming, Booming and Monsters from Beneath

We have had a busy couple of weeks….
I missed last week’s wrap-up because we were recovering from our 1st Homeschool conference. If you haven’t been to one I highly recommend going. I had a blast and learned so many ideas that are already working great! Some of the things that we immediately implemented are… 
  • Switching the girls to exercise balls instead of chairs during class time, it seems to have helped with their concentration. 
  • Purchasing raised line manuscript paper & finger spacers to help in writing skills.
  • More visual learning aids
  • Scheduling hearing tests
  • More fine motor activities
  • Joining HSLDA not just for legal stuff but also to gain access to the multitude of other resources available including help for struggling learners.
  • Ordering Math-U-See curriculum.
We have started our “Botany” science unit and are having a blast!!! You can read about some of the activities and resources here but I’ll share some of our images. It is funny to see the reactions of the girls when they see some of the images taken with our microscope app. The bean looked creepy like a monster. haha
Chlorophyll in leaf

Sprouting bean
Under the microscope it looks like a Monster from beneath.!

Our 2013-14 curriculum has arrived and I have started sorting it into lessons. Am I the only one who gets excited and a “2nd wind” when new curriculum arrives! haha

4-H projects have started to take shape. We have been working on arts and crafts for the upcoming fairs in the summer. Our 1st livestock show will be here in just a few weeks so we better get crackin’!
Yesterday we took a road trip and gathered supplies for sewing projects and the homeschool science fair. The girls talked Daddy (or maybe the other way around) into a model rocket kit and a fun science  experiment kit. They also got to have lunch at BK and play in the play place. 
Other happenings…
The Hoggatt Fireworks “Testing” Facility has now re-opened for the season (as if it is ever closed). So let the booming and screaming of fireworks commence  The girls helped Daddy start arranging the stock pile and were rewarded in fireworks of course! If you like fireworks feel free to follow my Hubby at “Fireworks by Donnie”. He just ordered a new electronic firing system so he will be getting busy soon!
Audrey picked a “Big Foot” fountain.

Alyssa picked a “firework, firework”

Daddy’s little Pyro in training!

In the Kitchen…

Last week was my mom’s birthday and I always make her birthday cake. Her favorite is “Italian Cream Cake” and I am honored to have the recipe as a feature on “Home to 4 Kiddos” this week. 

This week I shared my “Herb Roasted Chicken” recipe.
I know this has been a long “Wrap-up” but thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a blessed week!

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up…Screaming, Booming and Monsters from Beneath

  1. I love your blog design and your children look so sweet. Visiting from ihomeschool.

    My boys are reading the Complete Book of the Microscope as part of Sonlight science and my older one is begging us for a microscope. The cheapest I see on used homeschool sites is $175. Good grief! Oh, well…it’s on the prayer list. Great photos.

    Have a blessed weekend!

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