Little House on the Prairie

It has been hard to find time to blog lately. I am blessed to have a full daycare and a busy schedule. I have also been feeling much better and haven’t been down sick or with much pain. All of this has caused us to be on the go, go, go!

Sunday we spent a wonderful family day together and took the very short drive to the Little House on the Prairie historical site. This is a wonderful outdoor museum that has replicated many of the sites that the family has visited or lived in. We (as most families have) are reading the famous book series as a family. It is so cool to know that they lived in our area and might have been places that we have visited.

Cabin Replica

The girls loved stepping back in history and seeing a cabin that was like Laura’s family would have had. It was even filled with items from the books, including ma’s china doll on the mantle!

Inside the Cabin

You can really get a feel of the wide open prairie or even take a walk down to the creek. Visit the post office, school/church and the general store.

One room school/church

The girls were amazed at all the different places that Laura and her family have been and/or settled. They had many journeys and adventures. Think about loading up all your stuff and riding in a covered wagon over all the rough terrain…just to then have to build your own house.

Map of the Ingels/Wilders travels

Since we have been reading the books and watching the movie/tv series the girls have been begging for sun bonnets. So we couldn’t leave with out them!

Sun Bonnets for all!

I am so happy that this part of history is still being preserved for future generations to visit. We had such a fun & educational time and look forward to going back often. (especially during the festival in June.) If you are ever in the area this is a great place to stop and slow down the pace of life!

You can find more information and event schedule at Little House on the Prairie Museum

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