Weekly Wrap-Up: Easter Aftermath

I think this week should be dedicated to recovering! After all the rushing and business of Holy Week we all needed a good deep breath and a down and dirty house cleaning. But as it goes neither really happened. But you know what that’s ok!
We had a very meaningful Holy Week and both hubby and I commented several times about how this was probably the best one since our married life and family began. It was a very Christ centered time and it was for the most part calm and peaceful. Then we got home with the giant mess of Easter celebrations. It literally looked like a candy factory exploded on our dining room table!

Here are a few more photos from our Easter…

Our traditional Bunny cake.
Audrey on Easter morning with the Easter Bunny statue.

Alyssa with the Easter bunny statue.

Ashlee wasn’t scared of it this year!
A quick shot of Hubby and I during the Easter egg hunt!

We had additional excitement during Easter as Alyssa lost her 1st tooth. She was so proud of herself and I have to admit she handled it very well. I was worried that it would terrify her since things like this usually do. (she once flipped out over dried elmers glue on her arm thinking that her skin was coming off. haha) But nope she even yanked the tooth out on her own! 

As far as school time goes we had to double up on class this week. We are taking Friday off of school and the girls are staying with Mema and Papa while Hubby and I get to go to a homeschool conference. We debated taking them but in the end decided that it could be a nice time to get away. Plus they wanted to go camping with Mema and Papa anyway! haha 
We have continued our Easter bible study and are anticipating the celebration of Christ Ascension and Pentecost. 
I also played a little April fools funny on the girls and crepe papered them into their room! I was going to fix them cereal and freeze it spoon and all but our freezer was full. A little harmless fun never hurt anyone and they thought it was pretty funny!
Other news…
As I mentioned earlier, Hubby and I are attending our first Homeschool conference. I was the lucky winner of the 2013 Midwest Parent Educators Conference tickets that were given out by Sidetracked Sarah. I am so super excited to go!!! I have wanted to go to a conference for a long time and it just hasn’t worked out. But this all but fell in our laps. Every detail has worked itself out and we leave tonight! (me squealing with delight!!!!) We also get to have two full night away!!! Just Hubby and I which rarely happens as most of you know! So my question is what are your experiences going to a conference? What advice do you have to share?
I hope you all have had a very great week and I wish you a very blessed weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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