Weekly Wrap-Up: Our Prairie Home & A River in The House!

In Our Homeschool This Week…
We have been reading “The Little House On The Prairie” series and are currently on the book that was written in Independence. Since we live just a few miles from where the book was based and where they have a museum we decided it would be fun to take a field trip there. The girls had a great time visiting the cabin, school house, post office and general store.  They have also been taking walks through the “prairie” this week at our house…this consists of walking through our yard and pasture haha.
You can read more about our field trip here.
Inside the Cabin


We have also continued our study of plants in our science class this week. I thought I would share an updated photo of our bean.

It has now formed a stem and leaves. This was fitting since we have moved to learning the parts of plants and the jobs they do.
Our other plants are growing as well. We also did an experiment with celery and food coloring to show how the stem acts like a straw sucking up nutrients and carrying them throughout the plant.
We started Math-U-See this week and I actually heard “Is it math time yet?” come out of a child’s mouth today!!! The girls are loving figuring out the problems in a hands on way!
Yes, we are playing with our math!
Yesterday we joined up with some other homeschool families for our weekly library time and shared jokes in honor of National Joke day. I’ll share one of my favorites that I heard yesterday….Why did the rooster cross the road?…….To prove he wasn’t a chicken! hehe….Why did the gum cross the road?…..Because it was stuck to the rooster’s foot! hahahahaha
After library time we all went to a local park for some out door play time. It was so nice outside and the kids got some much needed fresh air and run down time!
Other happenings….
Hubby was on a business trip most of the week but I’m so glad he is home now. Especially since we had a minor catastrophe thanks to the 2 year old….We were all playing outside last night and she came in for a cookie. While inside she must have decided to wash her hands and then go back out. We came in about 30 min. later to a house with a river running through it….Eck!!!!!! She had turned both faucets on left them…urg! luckily hubby came to the rescue with the all trusty shop vac because there was literally over 6 gallons of water on the bathroom and kitchen floors. Thanks for saving the day!!!! Plus side….my floors are really clean even behind the fridge! haha
Well that’s a little about my week. Hope you all had a blessed week and a restful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: Our Prairie Home & A River in The House!

  1. I hope Math-U-See continues to work well for you! I switched my youngest son over to it in January…and 6 weeks later he wasn’t as thrilled with it. But, then again, he isn’t with ANY math curriculum I’ve tried. 😉 At least he complains about it LESS than Saxon, Horizons and MEP! LOL Love the Little House bonnets! Cute!

  2. That water disaster does not sound fun at all…glad it turned out ok! We are planning on starting the Little House books next year and I can hardly wait! It looks like you are enjoying them.

    We use MathUSee also.

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