Celebrating Summer With Art…Challenge Excepted!!!!!

Summer time is a time to let loose and push boundaries here at The Hoggatt Homeschool. By this time our schedules have usually let up and we have some free time during the days. We still technically have 5 more weeks of lessons due to all the craziness that has happened this year. But that is no reason not to have a little fun and catch up at the same time. Summer is the time to focus in on the fun/creative things that may have fallen by the wayside during the school year. 
So….I’m issuing a challenge to ALL moms! Summer time everyone becomes a “Homeschooler”! haha…. Browse pintrest, google ideas or just be down right creative with your kids! I dare you, no double dare you, to let your kids be creative. Help them to create a different art project each week (some may take longer) during summer break! 
Each week focus on at least one art project. Let your kids have fun and learn how to use new forms or tools to make their “Masterpieces”. Be creative….don’t set limits….think outside the box….use recycled materials from your home….the possibilities are endless!!! Choose some projects to work independently on, some to group up and some that the whole family can help with. Take lots of photos then at the end of summer plan a back to school art show and invite family and friends to celebrate your child’s creativity. Will you except the challenge?
START TODAY!!!!!!!!!
Here is a glimpse at our first project for the summer!

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