Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up: Picking right back up where we left off!

As I finished up last weeks “Weekly Wrap-up” we were loading up and heading out to our first livestock show of the season. We had a great time and made many new friends. Audrey showed her goat, poke-a-dot, for showmanship. I showed Brownie and Poke-a-dot for the judging. We didn’t do the best but came home with some new goals and a revived excitement to work with them more often. 

We returned home on Sunday and had a very relaxing day celebrating Mother’s day with my mom.

Monday – Wednesday we did our regular school work and played outside in the nice weather.
Thursday Hubby used a vacation day and stayed home from work. We did some family outing including a visit to the cake shop to pick up some supplies for Audrey to make a special cake. In the evening we set up for the Homeschool science & art fair which will be happening tonight (Friday).
Both girls completed and entered a science display. Audrey did hers on our plants study and Alyssa on a penny experiment. They both also entered an art project. This evening Alyssa will be singing and Audrey will enter her cake. 
She is so excited for the judges to cut her cake and be surprised. She chose to make a pink and purple “zebra” striped cake but to cover it with yellow icing so that you won’t know until it is cut. She also picked out all the decorations and did the cake all by herself!
We used the leftover icing to make cookie to take and share tonight also!

Science/Art Fair results…..
Audrey received:
A blue (1st rating) on her science display.
A blue rating on her art.
A blue rating on her cake.
Alyssa received…

A blue rating on her science.

A blue rating on her art.
A blue on her song even though she got embarrassed and nervous. They gave her an A for effort. She tried to sing it twice but just got to scared.
I hope you have all had a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

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