Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up: WOW, What a Week!!!!

WOW, What a Week….You know when you have weeks that are boring and hard to get through…Those weeks where you are begging for Friday to be here and it is only 11am Monday…The weeks where nothing goes as planned and the productivity level is so low that you start checking pulses to make sure your kids are still breathing as they slump over their school work…Well this was NOT one of those weeks!!!!!
We have had one of the most productive and adventurous weeks!!!! I think the weather had a lot to do with it. This was the first real Spring weather that we have had. But yesterday it turned back to winter with sleet and snow…yes, snow in Kansas and it is May!!!! It didn’t stick thankfully and hopefully it will warm back up soon!!!!
Sunday was a jam packed day…I taught the Cherub (preK &K) church class a lesson on “What is Faith” comparing faith to the air around us. We then made kits out of paper bags and had a great time trying to fly them!
After church we headed out to the campground where my Mom and Dad had been camping all week. We enjoy a nice relaxing time in the sun followed by a Cajun cookout. On the menu was crawfish boil with corn and potatoes, fried okra, homemade coleslaw, dutch oven roasted potatoes and homemade dutch oven yeast rolls! I know your drooling!!!!!

We finished up Sunday with our last Bible quiz of the year. The kids challenged the pastoral staff to a quiz off…After a tough round of 20 questions the staff beat the kids but only by half a percent. I am happy to report that I at least tied my daughter, Audrey! haha I thought she would have beat me for sure! haha She defiantly beats me at memory work!!!!!

I was glad for the work week to start so that we could slow down, or though I thought…
We spent Monday finishing up our Botany science unit…Audrey decided to use this unit for the upcoming Homeschool Science and Art fair. She did a great job creating an all about plants informational board…now if we can just keep the plants alive for another week…haha
Tuesday Alyssa completed her science project and put her display together. She chose to do “The Penny Experiment” 

Tuesday evening after Daddy got home we went outside and launched the rockets that the girls (and Dadddy) had built during the cold months! They both flew great but we lost the pencil rocket after the first launch. It flew much farther then expected and we couldn’t find where it landed haha. The “Amazon” rocket had several successful flights!

If you look at the top left of the picture
 you can see the rocket in flight!

Wednesday brought the final Caravan classes of the year. We ended the year with an award ceremony where Audrey received 13 badges. Alyssa received a memory award and a trophy for finishing the entire New Testament study.

Thursday was a day to stay indoors so we played money games and created a money anchor chart to help us review coins and their values.
I think that today we will take it easy and recover from our week…This weekend we are going to try and deliver May baskets. We have made it a tradition to take baskets to the elderly women of our church and since we had such a busy Wednesday we postponed “May Day” for the weekend. 
I hope you all had a great week also…Thanks for stopping by and many blessings to you and your families!

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