The Penny Experiment!

We have a Homeschool science fair coming up in a few weeks! Audrey has chosen to use our Botany unit for her display board but Alyssa wanted to do an experiment! She choose “The Penny Experiment”.

This experiment is fun and easy. You can also use this simple experiment to introduce the Scientific Method to even the smallest youngsters. 

Our question was…”What is the best way to clean pennies?
Her hypothesis…That soap and water would clean the pennies the best.
Materials to use…31″dirty” Pennies, 3 clear cups (labeled water, soap & water and slat & vinegar), water, dish soap, 2t. salt and 1/2 cup vinegar.
Procedure…In 1st cup, put plain water and 10 pennies. In 2nd cup, put soap and water with 10 pennies. In 3rd cup, put salt and vinegar adding the remaining 10 pennies. Give each cup a little stir. Make sure to leave one penny un-touched for a before comparison.
Set timer for 5 minutes and leave cups alone!
After time runs out compare your results and record observations.
Her final conclusion was that her hypothesis was incorrect and that the salt & vinegar actually did the best job cleaning the pennies!
We then worked on making her display board for the science fair!

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