Weekly Wrap-up: Art, T-ball & "Home Brew"

We have had a terrific week here at the Hoggatt Homeschool!
Memorial weekend we got a babysitter for the little one (the olders were still on their trip) and spent some quality relaxation time. Hubby helped put on a fireworks show demo and I had mommy alone time! You can see the shows here.
Photo: For the first time in a long tume mama is getting some relaxing alone time. Listening to audio books and relaxing outside! !! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!
My older girls returned from their vacation trip with Mema and Papa and it was so good to squeeze them again! My house was to quiet and calm while they were away. I have enjoyed hearing all the fun things the got to do….and educational too! They visited the Lewis and Clark museum in Nebraska, Omaha zoo, Little House on the Prairie in South Dakota, a Native American Museum and cultural center, and sooooo much more.
While they were away it was just me and the little one. We had a great time just relaxing and spending some quality time together!
I also had lots of time to be in the kitchen, which I LOVE! I shared my recipe for “Savory Garlic & Onion Challah” this week for my recipe of the weeks post.
I also had time to catch up on some blog posts that have been swirling around in this head of mine. I was a guest writer for “Homeschool Survival” this week with my “Homeschooling from the Hospital” post. I shared how God’s grace is sufficient even in our times of distress. 

 Homeschooling From the Hospital
Even though we still have 5 weeks of official lessons, we are already in a “summer state of mind!” We spent the first day that the girls were home straightening up and creating our first art piece for our “Summer Art Challenge”
The “Summer Art Challenge” is a challenge to think outside the box and bring art of all kinds into your classroom. Summer is a time when everyone becomes a “homeschooloer” and it is also a time when we can have fun without worrying about “book work”. Will you except the challenge?
T-ball season also kicked off this week. Wednesday was their first game, so it looks like our Wednesday & Friday nights will be at the ball field! I love this time of year!!!!!
A few weeks ago I began my first batch of  Kombucha Tea. Kombucha is a fermented tea health drink. (similar to ACV). I bottled the first batch of “Home Brew” this week and set some aside for a “flavoring”. So far I have tried Blackberries, apple, ginger apple & pineapple flavorings. For more info about Kombucha check out “Cultures For Health”
My sourdough starter arrived this week so it is up and going too! I will be pumping out lots of yummy-ness soon!

 I hope you have all had a very blessed week! Thanks for stopping by!

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