Weekly Wrap-Up: Calm Before The Storm, Maybe!

Usually this time of year is like the calm before the storm. Our usual yearly extra curricular activities are winding down and summer ball/show season isn’t up and going yet. It is like a deep breath time. But this year one of the shows was moved up and some of our other commitments are still in full swing. Leaving us scrambling and running around like crazy people! haha We spent every evening this week either out of the house or getting ready or this weekends show.
Monday was parent observation night at dance and then we celebrated their year by taking them out to eat. Only a few more weeks before the big recital!
As I ended last week’s post, we were getting ready to do our annual May Day baskets and delivery. We had to wait until the weekend to do our delivery because of the busy week we had. I was surprised at how many comments of appreciation that the girls received. Our recipients are always grateful, but several made comments about us not coming on Wednesday and how they were looking forward to our visit. I am so glad that we can be a part of bring them joy! We made deliveries to eleven different shut-ins or elderly from our church. Here are some images of the “basket making factory”.

The first part of our school week was full of rainy days…Even though we are stuck inside we always try to sneak in some fun “rowdy” time. I thought I would share an image of our youngest in all her cuteness. Yes, I’m partial and think she may be the cutest 2 year old ever!!! haha

My yard is finally starting to give of the feeling of spring. It is triumphing over the recent chilly temperatures and soggy days and giving birth to some springtime blooms. I shared some of the images in “Spring on the Triple-A-Farm” post this week.

We got crafty during the school day and created our “Mother’s Day Crafts”. I’m lucky and get to pick out what craft I get to receive on Mother’s Day. haha But we also made some for Mema and the daycare kids created their special gifts to take home to mom. I always try to do something simple yet meaning full that can be adapted to fit the different age groups. I pick a similar theme with similar supplies so that we aren’t all going different directions. This year’s craft was 3 projects that used all the same supplies.

Our oldest has moved to the stage where she is beginning to write different types of papers during her school time. She has written several personal narratives, letters and more. This week here writing assignment was to create a fictional animal and tell about it. She came up with a creature called a “Hop-a-Unicorn”. We also started allowing her to type out her final copy of the paper. She was super excited about that process!

Even with our packed schedule we managed to begin our next science unit…Electricity. This is going to be Daddy school time since he is in fact an electrician. haha! It was nice to see him taking a more active roll and being the teacher. In order to make this work we are having science time in the evenings which proved this week to be a difficult task. We will be using our “Snap Circuits jr.” kit for some of the experiments. Along with Daddy’s know-how and great ideas!

I hope you have had a great week full of adventures also! Thanks for stopping by The Hoggatt Homeschool and have a great week ahead!

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