Weekly Wrap-up: It’s All About Ashlee!

In Our Homeschool This Week…
Our week started out slow and simple, which I’m glad for. The weather (as many know) has been trowing us some curve balls. Both Monday and Tuesday we were on tornado watch & warnings. We managed to weather the storms with little to no damage. We have a few trees with damage and lots of downed limbs. Our creek also flooded the roads so we didn’t get out much. We were lucky! My heart goes out to the families that lost everything just a short drive over the border in Oklahoma. I couldn’t imagine how that would feel to lose every material object that you own, let alone your children. I have pretty much avoided watching the news programs about the devastation.  While I do mourn for/with them, I don’t want to be scared by having those images burned into my brain. I feel like I need to be able to be calm and collected, not scared and worried. During one of the episodes, where we rushed into our safe area, Audrey commented, “We don’t need to be scared Jesus is protecting us”. Wow, the faith of a child! She was such a great helper! The storms prompted my Hubby to research underground shelters and begin the process of getting one put in. I will be so glad when that happens! I will feel much safer!
On Wednesday, I loaded up the older girls for their trip with Mema and Papa. They will be gone for a week “field tripping”. They have already gone to the Lewis & Clark museum in Nebraska city, Omaha zoo, and are currently headed to the Little House On The Prairie in South Dakota. They are having such a great time and learning so much. I have to admit I’m a little jealous haha! They will return from their trip the middle of next week and I can’t wait to see their pictures and here all about it! I know now why God blessed me with so many munchkins…I would be (am) lost without them!
Since the olders are gone, It has been “All About Ashlee” time. It feels so weird to just have one little noise maker around. But we have tried to have a fun “staycation”. Wednesday when Daddy got home we loaded up and went out for sno-cones. Then, we drove out to the lake. With all the rain they have been letting water out at the spill way and it creates HUGE waves that you can watch. She like hearing and see the power of the water. 
Yesterday, her and I took a trip to our town zoo and had a picnic at the park. She loved having the one-on-one time with Mama. She was also able to see the bear up-close, talk to the macaws, see a baby dear and a baby monkey. 
Our picnic @ the park
sitting at the mushroom table!

 After we finished at the zoo we went to a garage sale that a homeschool family was having. She saw a pink guitar she just had to have!

Today we are just hanging out!
What’s cooking?…
Since I haven’t been teaching school this week I have had some extra time on my hands so the kitchen has been hopping! I have been test running some recipes and tweaking them where needed. I thought I could store some up for the recipe of the week posts. So far we have… eggcellent deviled eggs,  sweet onion challah bread, red wine roasted asparagus with bacon, & cinnamon custard cups. More cooking going on today!
I received a SCOBY from a friend last week and started my first batch of Kombucha tea! This is a fermented tea drink similar to Apple Cider Vinegar. I am planning a informational post about it soon.
Other Going on’s…
Hubby has another fireworks demo shoot-off this weekend so I got a baby sitter for Ashlee and will be joining in on the fun! I will post pictures and videos later this weekend!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have had a great week!

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