Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up: Gearing Up For Crazy Town!

This week in our Homeschool…
It has kind of felt like we have been gearing up for crazy town! (In a good way of course!!!!) It has been rainy here for weeks now and this week’s ball games were all canceled giving us our evenings “free”. So as you can guess we filled them with other activities and projects!
Last Saturday we decided to take a trip to Bartlesville, OK to reward the kids with an evening at Kiddie Park. They had a great time riding the rides and playing the games, and with each just being 50 cents we didn’t mind either!
While we were there we ran to Hobby Lobby and I picked up patterns and material to make the “Little House” dresses the girls have been begging for! It was intended to be a leisurely project since I thought I had several weeks before the festival…But nope, it is this Saturday!!!!! So I kicked it into high gear and cranked them out! My mom helped me get the dresses cut out on Sunday and I started sewing them. She kept the patterns and did the cutting while I brought them home and sewed like no bodies business! By Wednesday they were done! We are so excited to attend and they are going to enter the “costume contest” along with many other educational and fun activities. Find out more about the “Little House” homestead in Independence Kansas!
We have been keeping up on regular school work and only have 5 more weeks to go! I know we are behind where I had originally scheduled to be but it’s not like we have anything else to do during the summer, right! haha!
In the evenings Hubby has still been working with the girls on our Electricity unit and this week’s project was a Lemon/Lime clock.
Thursdays are our light “school work” days so naturally it is when I plan most of the extra fun things. Last week I issued a “Summer Art Challenge”. Basically it is a challenge to be creative and have fun during the summer weeks when school work is more relaxed. This week we did “Bubble Painting” and had a great messy time! Even the youngers’ had fun blowing bubbles and chasing them!

And as expected…once the projects were complete we had some good’ole bubble blowing fun!….Bubbles of Fun!!!!!! I love to watch the younger’s faces when they are blowing bubbles…they were cracking me up!!!!
We ended a great day with a family movie night and some popcorn “on the cob” that the girls brought home form their vacation.
All of that leads us to today…
We have regular school planned and then a nice peaceful evening because the craziness starts again tomorrow!
This is no only “Little House” weekend like I mentioned earlier, but, it is also dance recital weekend. The one weekend a year where I become a version of “Dance Mom’s”. Recital practice is Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon is the BIG DAY! I am so proud of the hard work that my girls put in all year long! And, I am so thankful for their very talented and patient teacher Ms. Cody! They are performing with their Ballet/Tap class to “Disney Princess: If You Can Dream” & Bobby Days’ “Rockin’ Robin! I will share videos and pictures next week!
Recipe of the week from the kitchen of the Hoggatt homeschool…
Other happenings in our lives…
I shared a kid friendly To-Do list project this week. A way to keep your kids and yourself on task in a fun way!
I would also like to announce that I am now and official distributor of “Young Living Essential Oils”. I have been using some of their products for a while now and both my distributor friends are moving…One to Alaska and the other to Missouri. So the best way that I could think of to ensure that I would be able to receive these great products was to sell them. I am so excited to the wonderful effects of a product that I believe in and has helped me so much! So if you need any info or are curious about what living with essential oils is all about let me know!
I hope you have all had a great and peaceful week! Many blessings on the week for the week to come!
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