Recipe Of The Week: Roasted Red Wine Asparagus

Nothing says that the beginning of the summer season is here like fresh picked veggies, especially asparagus. Asparagus is one of my favorite spring/summer veggies and it is in full production around these parts. I remember as a child going “hunting” for it with my parents. We would pull out the bikes and each grab a sack and off we would ride down the country roads eyes peeled on the ditches. When we would find a patch we would load it up and bring it home for supper. Now we have the convenience of it growing right in mom & dads back yard.

I love to steam it and drizzle melted butter and garlic salt over it but I decided to try a new way this time….Roasted with Red Wine Vinegar & Bacon

Desired amount of asparagus (1-2 lbs.)
2-3 T. olive oil
1-2 T. red wine vinegar
Garlic – chopped
Onion – chopped
Salt & Pepper
1/2 lb. Bacon

In skillet cook bacon, garlic & onion. Drain and crumble.

Line baking sheet with foil. Toss Asparagus in olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt & pepper. Lay on baking sheet in single layer. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes depending on desired tenderness. Remove from pan and toss with bacon, garlic & onions. Serve warm.

One thought on “Recipe Of The Week: Roasted Red Wine Asparagus

  1. MMMM, thank you so much for sharing that recipe. I’ve got a bag of asparagus I need to do something with. I’ll pbly leave the bacon out because of the diet thing, although it sounds delish!

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