Summer Art Challenge: Bubble Painting!

Last week I issued a Summer Art Challenge to all families, homeschooling or not! Are you accepting that challenge? Well, today we did our week 2 project and it was super fun and easy to prepare!
I had found an image for “Bubble Painting” on Pintrest but as some “pins” do there was no link to instructions. So I made them up….tested…then tweaked them!
Needed Supplies:
Water Color Paper (you can use cardstock although colors will not blend as well)
Bubble Solution & Wands
Tempora Paint
Mix bubble solution with desired paint colors. We used primary colors and mixed them together to create the secondary colors (see hidden lesson already!). I actually found that the “foamy-er” the bubbles the better end result for painting.
Next, go at it!!!! Blow away!!! Experiment with different “techniques” and paper positioning. Try different shapes and sizes of wands! Have FUN!!!! Even the little ones can get in on this project even if they are just chasing the bubbles! haha!

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