Summer Art Challenge: Circle Prints

Here we are at week 4 of our challenge! This week we have been working on “Circle Prints”. Here is the how-to!

Supplies Needed:
Paper (again water color or canvas will work best, but whatever is on hand will do.)
Single color of non-washable craft paint.
water colors
A shape stamp (use something recycled and think outside of the box)
Step 1:
Prepare & protect your work area. The first paint should be of the non-washable type so you will want to keep it off things that are not your paper.
Step 2:
Choose your shape…for this project we are using circles but anything will work. Find items that have that shape. Examples of possible “circles” are plastic cups, sm yogurt containers, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, key rings, etc… Really any item with a rim and open center. 
Step 3:
Dip shape “stamp” into a solid single color non-washable paint (this is important so that the water colors will not make it run and the shape will stand out.) Stamp out shapes all over paper and let dry.
Step 4:
Place a few drops of water color paint all around the dried shape prints. Make sure to put colors that will mix well together…ie. reds and yellows, blue and reds, etc… Don’t forget to add in some white also. For younger children I used the “water color pallets” instead of the real thing. (crayola works best)
Step 5: 
Give each child water and a brush and have them go at it. Mix the colors all around. The idea is that it should not “stick” to the dried paint but will to the paper, creating a unique picture!

 Share what projects you have been creating!

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