Summer Art Challenge – Week 5: Tie Dye Firework Shirt

It’s that time of the week again…Summer Art Challenge Day!!!! This week we worked on our 4th of July shirts! 
If you are a regular follower of “The Hoggatt Homeschool” you would know how BIG the 4th is here. Yesterday I wrote about my “Top 10: favorite things about the 4th”. Be sure to check it out and enter to win FREE Fireworks!!!!
We always do lots of decorating and craft projects for this holiday. Last year we focused on table decorations with “Four Fabulous 4th crafts”. This year we are making sharpie tie dye shirts!
Supplies Needed:
White t-shirts in appropriate sizes
assorted colored sharpie markers
rubbing alcohol
eye dropper
rubber bands
Place cups inside shirt and place rubberband around the cup on the outside of the shirt fabric. Make fireworks designs with sharpie markers.
Using eye dropper place drops of rubbing alcohol around sharpie designs. This will cause the ink to bleed. Ideally it will stop once it reaches the edge of the cup and rubberband. Be careful not to use to much rubing alcohol or it will continue spreading. 
Let dry before removing cups. Flip and do the other side. Let dry again. Machine wash in cold water to set the ink. Dry and enjoy wearing your unique one of a kind creation!

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