"To-do" lists for kids!

As I started preparing for next school year and filling out my planner, I was thinking about a way to begin to teach my children about organizing their days. They are still young and every “planner” I looked at was above the level that they are at and more complicated then what I wanted. My kids still have no concept of time. Although they can read a clock, the value of 5 minutes has no real meaning. At this age they need to be directed from task to task and know that eventually the “work” will come to an end. I also want to instill in them an attitude of servant-hood while they are still young. I want them to grow up knowing that what they do is valuable not only here on earth but also in God’s kingdom. Whatever you do, do it to the glory of God! Even the most mundane tasks are our ministry.

I was listening to some of the recorded sessions from this years MPE conference and someone mentioned “To-do” lists. Well, that got my creative wheels turning….. As I thought more and more about making them lists, because it can’t just be a boring list! haha, I remembered a “Sticky note” template I had pinned on Pintrest a while back. You know, those things that you pin now because you might have a use for them later things! It occurred to me…Why note use that and make it pretty and durable. Then they can remove the “sticky” when a task is complete and know what else needs done without me having to hover over them directing their every move.

Here is the original link to the “post-it” templates….make sure to check it out there are lots of free goodies there!


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