Weekly Wrap-Up: Almost Done!

In Our Homeschool This Week…
We are ALMOST DONE!!!! After today we have only 5 more lessons meaning that hopefully after next week we will no longer be “summer schoolers”! The girls took it outside this week for some literal summer school. It has gotten HOT here in our neck of the woods. I would have taken a little cooler weather through 4th of July at least…haha. But we can’t really complain we’ve had it good compared to years past. 
Fair season is officially upon us. We had to go get Audrey’s chicken health tested so that we were ready for the upcoming fairs. Now it’s time to kick it into high gear and get all the projects done and accounted for! Every year I have the intention of working on the inside things during the cold months so that we can focus on outside things when the weather permits. We did better this year but still have lots of inside projects to complete. 
We worked on a fun craft to celebrate the 4th of July this week. My girls will be sporting their one of a kind creations at our celebration! We made Tie Dyed Fireworks shirts!
Speaking of the 4th of July…
“This week I shared my Top 10: Favorite Things About The 4th of July”. I have also been hosting a giveaway for some free fireworks! If you live in my neck-of-the-woods make sure you get entered!
What’s Cookin’?…

This week I shared my Wonton Taco Cup recipe in my recipe of the week post. It is a family favorite around here!
We also found a new favorite “cooldown treat”, Frozen Yogurt Bites. This is so super easy and so YUMMY!!! Take your favorite yogurt and place into a ziploc bag. Pipe out onto a wax paper covered cookie sheet, forming dots. Freeze and serve!
As you can tell we have had a great week! I hope you have all had many blessings this week! Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I was wondering how those yogurt dots worked! I’ve seen them on Pinterest. I like making fruit and Greek yogurt popsicles for the kids. They don’t last long! LOL

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