Weekly Wrap-Up: Coming Up For Air!

In Our Homeschool This Week…
After the last two crazy weeks this one has felt like we have come up for air. You know….You take a deep breath before your big dive and eventually resurface for another deep breath…”Coming Up For Air!!! We have continued on in our normal lessons. But, after today we only have two weeks left!!!! Hubby has tried to talk the girls into “doubling up” so that they can finish before the 4th of July week, which is huge in the Hoggatt house! I think they are agreeing with the idea!
Monday we had a super relaxed day where we slept in and lounged around. We had a bad storm the night before that left us without power for most the night and a portion of the morning. Daycare was canceled so it was almost like a free day. We did manage to get our normal school work complete but not much else!
Monday evening I was able to sneak out for some great fellowship with some other women from my church. Then, we made our last trip (hopefully) to the fireworks warehouse to pick up the last of the “supplies” for the 4th of July. If your curious about fireworks or have any questions my husband is a great resource and is sharing some 4th tips at “Fireworks by Donnie”.
Tuesday was a back to normal day and we had to catch up on the home domestics that fell by the wayside Monday….so not much exciting.
Wednesday we tested out some of the FREE summer reading/spelling games available from “All About Learning”. There are six game sample that can be fully customized to me your level. Alyssa and Audrey loved playing “Over Easy” and practicing this weeks spelling words.
Wednesday night it was back to ball games and the girls did a great job. I know it is only T-ball but the team is coming together and it is almost beginning to look like some real ball games with outs and everything! I got some blog posts done on Wednesday night while the girls and Daddy threw firecrackers. Like I said earlier 4th of July is big at our house and lasts all year long!
Thursday has become our “Summer Art Challenge” day. This week (week 4) we did “Circle Prints” using cups and watercolors. They turned out great!
Today regular work is on the schedule…followed by a fantastic and easy weekend!
Freebie Finds of the Week…
Harrington Harmonies “Free State Notebook Pages”
What’s Cookin?….
Try New Recipe Tuesday I shared my “Cream Puff” recipe. I also made my “Homemade Chicken and Noodles” to celebrate Father’s Day. What can you get for someone who has everything for Father’s Day???? I made my Daddy a Cherry pie & a Strawberry Rhubarb pie! (recipes coming soon!)
Also On The Hoggatt Homeschool Blog…

I have started sharing my “Top 10’s” on Wednesday blog posts. There will be many categories from cleaning supplies, DIY, Toys etc….
So far…..
Top 10 Homeschool Items I Couldn’t Live Without!
Top 10 Books That Should Be In Every Child’s Library!

I hope you have had a great “Deep Breath” week!!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing our week with us! Have a blessed weekend!!!
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