Back To School "Homeschool" Style! 2013-14 First Day Photos!


So far I have shared about our Curriculum, Back To School Traditions/Ideas and Our School Room. This week is all about First Day Photos!!!

I have to admit that I get super excited about this process. I begin stalking Pintrest, Etsy and any other crafty site looking for the perfect back to school outfit to create. I want it to be unique and special! Well this year I think I have a winner!!!!!!

I found this super cute and easy tutorial for these tee-shirts HERE. They read…”A+ is for Audrey, Alyssa & Ashlee!” The only thing that I changed is that I did splurge the $12 for the Fabric Sharpie markers. We have done shirts before with regular Sharpie markers and had trouble with them running during washing. The fabric version did great and didn’t run!

Now ENJOY my montage of motherly bragging about my three awesome children!!!! haha
My Three Beautiful Girls!

Ok, now that you have out up with that!!!! I hope you all have a fantastic first day! You might also check out how we celebrated our “Not” back to school day with a visit from the “Not” Back to School Fairy!
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