Back To School "Homeschool" Style ~ 2013-14 Our School Room

Last week in the “Not” Back-to-School” blog hop I shared what curriculum will will be using during the upcoming school year. You can catch up on our game plan here!
I also shared some of our yearly traditions as we gear up for our first day back. One of my favorite traditions is our “Back-to-School Fairy”. Find out more in this “Back To School Ideas” post! This year “she” has some awesome classroom decorations and notes that “she” found for free!!! The girls will also be getting a super cute and easy “Recycled can/crayon Pencil Holder”.
This week I will share all about our “School Room”. As many of you fellow homeschoolers know, that is a very relative term! One of the great and occasionally challenging things about schooling from home is that you are not confined to one area for learning. Everywhere you look you can find and opportunity just waiting to be taken! Sometimes we meet in the kitchen, sometimes the girls retreat to their rooms for quiet reading, sometimes we homeschool from the couch and we all know the endless possibilities that the outdoors holds! 
But we do have one room set aside as our “Classroom”. Since my house serves triple duty as a home, homeschool and a small family child-care, we decided to sacrifice our dining room and transform it in to our official class. We still do use it for family meals it just doesn’t look “traditional” haha!
Our large dining table seats 10 which gives the kids some elbow room to spread out. We also usually lose the chairs and use our large exercise balls for seating. Switching that up has made a huge difference in concentration and wiggle interruptions! Most of the “book work” is done at the table. I also have a movable/self-supported white board – flannel board that usually makes it’s way onto the table daily. We have a large picture window that overlooks the gravel road and farm ground that also finds “dry erase” phrases on it from time-to-time. After all we use what we have, right?
Around the edges of the room we have it divided into stations. Along one wall you will find the piano and other music items.
Another corner holds our “Library” where I sort books according to age/reading levels. This shelf also houses games and puzzles.

The “Media Center” houses a small t.v. with yes a VHS player (we sometimes rock it old school! haha), a desk top computer, and needed software. Since we switched to “Math-U-See” those videos get watched here along with typing, Bible read along and other activities. You can also see our workbox cubbies to the right side of the computer. Each child has a special spot to house needed supplies, assignments to complete & completed work.

Media Center

Everything is dual purpose and “STORAGE”! I picked this buffet up (along with our table) at a flea market for $100 buck total. Extra supplies are kept underneath and the top serves as my “Teachers Desk”.

Teacher’s Desk

We have a book shelf dedicated to current curriculum, daily notebooks, and other odds and ends supplies that need to be readily available.

Curriculum Shelf

My girls favorite station has to be the “Art” station. I love this 2 sided cart that I found in a supply magazine. One side has large dividers to separate out paper and other supplies, while the other has bins to divide out the smaller stuff. 

Art Cart

I also found this roll-able storage cube in the supply magazine. It has a easel top (pictured with my removable dry erase board) that has a large storage area under. The front is also dry erase and has large storage shelves behind. Again everything multi-use and STORAGE!!!! I use it to house teaching aids, games and visual aids.


Like I said earlier, we rock it “Old School”. In this case it actually is from an old school!!!! Our local public schools all got upgrades and I happened to have a teacher friend that informed me they we tossing out overhead projectors. I knew I just had to have one!!!! Not much later my husbands office was cleaning out their supply closet and came upon boxes and boxes of blank printable overhead transparacies. What a lucky nab this has been!!! We use it as a light table, overhead and so much more! Here is one of our fun “Light Table My World” activities! I got the cart free at a yard sale, to boot! Keeping up with the multi-purpose theme, we close the curtains of our large window and use it as our screen! Underneath I house our “sensory bins” and “busy bags”!
Add caption

Every nook and cranny is used in our “Classroom”! Here is a photo of our “What we know” space wall. I can’t wait to kick this unit off!!!

As time goes by I am sure that our need swill change and develop. My kids will grow and we will enter new stages and phases of this journey. But for now this works! I’m sure eventually we will be able to re-claim more “home” but we will never lose the “school”! I am so blessed that God has directed us down this path and I can’t wait to see what the years will hold in store for us. From our “School room” to your, Happy Homeschooling and have a great 2013-14 year!
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  1. Love how you make everything have multiple functions. It really does help when you have so much to store and organize. I am jealous of your large table and buffet! We have currently outgrown our dining table and I am on the hunt for a bigger one with a buffet for storage. 🙂

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