Friday’s Fun Food: Creation Lunch!

One of the fun things that I wanted to incorporate in our new homeschool year was a Friday Fun Food day. My goal is to at least do one on the last Friday of each month. Friday’s happen to be test days here at the Hoggatt Homeschool and then end of our work week. Every other Friday we have BIG test day with the girls having spelling, phonics, math and writing tests due.

As a way to celebrate the weeks hard work and wrap up our creation study I created today’s Friday Fun Food lunch!

Here is the break down…
Day 1: God said, let there be light then he separated the day from the night.
Cheese for day & black olives for night.

Day 2: The water separated, into ocean and sky.

Blue Jello water and marshmallow cream clouds.

Day 3: Plants and vegetation.

Broccoli trees (or other fresh veg of choice).

Day 4: Sun, Moon & Stars.

Ham and cheese in tortilla cut in shape of stars & fanned out oranges for sun.

Day 5: Creatures of the sea & birds of the air.

Sliced egg for birds and fish crackers.

Day 6: Animals and Adam.

PB&J person. you could also cut out other animals.

Day 7: REST!!! We followed lunch with a nice nap!!!!!

1st ever Friday Fun Food Day was a success!!!!!!

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