"Love Like Jesus" Campaign – Snack Bundle Craft

As I prepare and put the finishing touches on our rough game plan for the 2013-14 school year, one main trend keeps running through my head. We need to be more focused on character development and discipleship this year. Above all else I want my girls to know God’s love for them and share that love with others. I want them to be Christ like, equip for the spiritual battle swirling around in this world. I want them not to just withstand the devil but FIGHT him! My prayer is that they will be little missionaries to all who come into contact with them, spreading the love of Jesus!
In effort to meet this goal I have decided to implement a “Love Like Jesus” campaign! Each month we will complete a service project that will help show/tell others about God’s love for them. Nothing big an elaborate. Just small things that help take their focus off the “me attitude” and back on the HIM attitude!
This month we have been doing lots of travel for medical appointments. These travels take us to larger cities and outside of our comfort zones. My kids have become exposed to the very real fact that life is hard even in our country. One of those hard facts is that there are people who don’t have homes to sleep in at night, showers to take or food to eat.
Last year we created “Blessing Bags” to carry in the car to hand out to those in need. These are very simple bags that have some basic care items, snacks and a small pocket Bible.
For this trip I kept it simple. Just a bottle of water and a snack. Something that we can hand out the window at a stop light along our “inner city” route! I created labels that read “Jesus Loves You! You’ve been prayed for today!” (FREE Printable) 
The girls then colored and decorated the labels.
Next we just rubber banded the water and the snack together and taped the label strips around the outside.
Once packaged and ready to go, we took turns praying that God will use this small thing to show his love to others. We prayed that this would be a seed planted and that God would send a worker to cultivate it. We also prayed that we would be obedient to the spirits leading! 
I also threw in a little “safety” prayer haha! This to is taking me out of my comfort zone!!! But isn’t that the whole point!!!! Living and Loving like Jesus means that we might have to break out of our bubbles every once in awhile and get a little messy!!!!

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