Weekly Wrap-Up: And We’re Back!

It has been a few weeks since I have done an end of week update. Lots of hustle and bustle happening here at The Hoggatt Homeschool. We have been traveling for doctors appointments and other craziness. However, we are settling back down into some routine and schedule. Our full blown “school year” schedule is beginning to form and we will have the evening activities back in swing by the 1st part of September. We did start our school schedule this week and have had a fantastic 1st week back!

Last week we kicked off our “Not” Back to School with a visit from the back to school fairy. You can catch up on that fun here!

We also had our first day photos! I created some really cute “Pintrest” inspired 1st day shirts! make sure to check them out here! I’ll spare you the photo montage again, but, I did want to share another one of my three little ladies!

I can’t believe how much they have grown up! In fact we did some re-arranging in the house and no longer have a nursery. It was a bitter sweet moment! Audrey (2nd grade) has moved into a room by herself and Alyssa (1st grade) and Ashlee (pre/k) are now sharing. All by choice! 
1st time in a big girl bed!

Her own space!

Top Bunk Baby!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, we have resumed school lessons. The break helped tremendously. We are approaching this year in a more relaxed and up beat manner. So far so good! Our Bible study and science have linked up nicely this week. We started our Genesis study with Creation and Science space study with stars.

Other lessons have included the normal spelling, reading, writing, math etc…
Another “goal” I have for the year is “Tot School”. Ashlee will turn three in November and wants to be just as big as her sisters. She wants her school time also! So her and the two boys I keep will be doing activities right along with us. One project they completed this week was a “Getting Bigger Book”. It’s a take on a 1st day of pre-school / all about me book. Check out the link above for your free printable!

The Tot’s will also have themed learning packs. We are starting with this FREE (yes, can you tell I love free) Apple Pack from 3 Dinosaurs
Ashlee is so proud of her “Apple Color Book” she made!

Everyone got in on a fun game of “Ten Apples Up On Top!”
Just make poms out of red yarn and secure with green chenelle stem…You got Apples!
See what you can do without letting your apple drop!
Mama even got a little time away this week with a Mom’s Night Out and Homeschool Planning meeting!
The kitchen has been hopping around here this week. A friend of ours dropped off a few 5 gal buckets full of zucchini and cucumbers. Pickle Party Time!!!! I canned lots of dill pickles and okra pickles. I shredded the squash for freezing but did turn some into some super yummy lemon zucchini muffins and a chocolate chip zucchini cake. Stay tuned for all three of those recipes! But this week’s feature recipe was “The Best Meatloaf EVER!” It is sure to be a family pleaser!
That’s about all from our week! I hope you have all had a just as fantastic one as we have!
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  1. Thanks for the meatloaf recipe. I’m going to check it out because one of my sons doesn’t like the recipe I use, which includes oatmeal! Loved your update and your photos. Have a blessed week!

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