Apple Grandparents Day Card

It is almost here…Grandparents Day 2013! In fact it is this Sunday September 8th. My parents and Donnie’s dad are the greatest grandparents you could ever ask for your kids to have! They all three go out of their way to show love to my girls and make sure that they each feel appreciated in their own uniqueness. That’s one of the reasons I love to celebrate them by having the girls create something special!
Today I will share about our “littles” creation. She has been working on an apple themed unit in tot school. So, for here gift I decided to stick with that theme! This card could be adapted for mother’s day, father’s day, a special birthday, or just about anything tho let someone know that the are loved!
I started by typing the saying and printing out on cardstock or colored paper. Onr reads, “I Apple-solutly Love You!” and the other “If Grandparents Were Apples I’d Pick You!”.  I then had her hold the colored sign while I snapped a quick photo.
Next I painted her hand brown for a tree trunk and stamped it upside down on the front. Then repeat with green for the tree branches. After tree dried I allowed her to finger paint red apples on it. Remember she is 2 so it is more about the creation then the outcome haha!
When front completely dried I let her color a picture on the inside before attaching her photo.
So simple and easy, yet handcrafted and from the heart! She is so proud to make and deliver a special something just like her big sisters!

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