DIY Constellation Projector

This semester we are studying space for our science unit. Four week in we are actually still studying stars. I had planned to be further along by this point but the girls are having so much fun we have just kind of let them explore! (one of the perks of hs, right?)

This week our project has been to create a Constellation Projector. I originally got the idea here but have adapted it to make it a bit easier for little ones. 
What You Will Need:
Flash light…non-led works best
paper towel tube
Constellation print out found here – printed on cardstock
paint and other misc. art supplies 
Here’s What To Do:
Decorate tubes!
Use needle to punch through cardstock printout.
In dark room…place paper towel tube on flashlight to direct light. Place constellation strips on top of tube. The light will project the star patterns onto the ceiling.
After talking about the different constellations the girls picked their favorite to research and do a report over. Audrey picked Pegasus and Alyssa picked The Big Dipper. We also did a fun star mapping craft. I found glow in the dark star stickers at the dollar store and they recreated a star map of their constellation. 
Not to be out done by big sisters… Ashlee created her own star map and we read “Five Wishing Stars!”

2 thoughts on “DIY Constellation Projector

  1. Oh, pretty cool! I’ve seen these made with oatmeal canisters, but you just poke holes in the bottom. I like the constellation strips better – more of them to see!

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