Out of this world Space Lunch!

It’s another Friday Fun Food day! This week I chose a space theme since we have completed the star portion of our space science unit. We did a lot of fun star activities this week and it seemed like the perfect theme to end with. Check out our Constellation Projector and Glow in the dark Star Map crafts!
Here is the run down of our lunch…
Kiwi Galaxy Salad

Shooting Star Grape Sticks

Curly-Q Comets

Moon Milk

Rocket Ship Eggs in Toast & Cheese Stars

2 thoughts on “Out of this world Space Lunch!

  1. Thank you for linking this wonderful totorial up with the Hearts for Home Blog Hop. I love making themed lunches for my children, they look forward to seeing their “special” lunches.

    Your post has been selected to feature on Monsters Ed Homeschool Academy’s Hearts for Home Blog Hop post featuring recipes which will go live on Thursday, September 19th. Please remember to grab the “I was Featured” button 🙂

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