Week 3….Check!

In Our Homeschool This Week…
Week 3 is done and checked off! We had a great week!

Monday we had normal school in the morning followed by a cook out with some friends. In the evening we had 4H and Audrey finally got voted in since she will be 7 before the next meeting (official 4H age).

Tuesday was a full day of school followed by the first dance class of the fall season. The girls teacher for the last 2 years isn’t teaching this semester but I have full confidence in their new teacher. They had a great class and really focused in on technique. I’m excited to see how their skills develop in the new advanced class!

Wednesday another full day of school followed by Church activities in the evening.

Thursday normal day and a very needed evening at home relaxing.

Friday we finished school early and had a great time visiting with a friend and her sweet babies. I had an unexpected day off from my childcare business which gave us some good quality down time!

Not a whole lot of excitement but a lot of adjusting to the new full fall schedule. We did work on Grandparents day cards to celebrate the upcoming appreciation day Sunday. The older girls drew cards with a picture of them with their grandparents then wrote why they are special. Little created an apple themed card to keep in line with her tot school theme. Grandparents Day Apple Card

Here are some snap shots of our week…

The girls also are having their 1st sleep over tonight!!! It’s a fun girls night full of pizza, cookies, American girl, barbies, hair chalking, duct tape bracelets, screams and giggles!!!!!

From the Hoggatt Homeschool Kitchen…
I shared a few weeks ago about pickle making….this week I shared the recipe!
I also made these fantastic Banana Blueberry Muffins and a Banana Cake!
I reviled my secret love of 50’s kitchen items and my top 10 kitchen gadgets that I wouldn’t want to live without!!!!
This weekend Hubby has his big fireworks show for a local race track so it’s FIREWORKS FIREWORKS FIREWORKS!!!!!
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