Audrey Turns 7!

I’m not sure how it is even possible, but my oldest baby is growing up. She turned 7 about a week ago. We were on our St. Louis vacation when it happened so she got an extra special birthday because of the wonderful firework shows. It also meant that she got three cakes. haha

Audrey has grown into a sweet girl, a little sassy, but a great helper. I call her the little mama. She is 7 going on 17 so may the good Lord help me during the teenage years. haha I am so proud of all she has accomplished and am delighted to be a witness of who God has created her to become. Happy Birthday Audrey!

We decorated the hotel room!

Cake on her actual birthday.

The cake I made for the party with my family.

Her party with Donnie’s family.

She wanted a bow&arrow for her birthday like Brave.

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