Room On The Broom Activities

My kids have fallen in love with this story. It is a great tale of a witch who is caring and sharing. She meets some fun friends that help her out along her journey. She then befriends them and makes room for them on her broom. In the end when she is confronted by a bully dragon her new found friends come to her rescue. It is a great example that even though we all may be different, there is always room for one more friend. 
To accompany this book we have been doing some fun activities like acting out the story, a magnetic story board and these fun costumes.

To make the Hat and Wand download the templates found here. Color and cut out. Tap the star to a stick to create a wand. Make a backing for the hat by cutting strips of construction paper creating a head band and attach to printout.
For the broom find a sturdy stick and a brown paper lunch sack. Cut strips in the lunch sack from the opening end until about mid way back. Tie around one end of the stick with yarn.
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