Place Value Anchor Chart

place value anchor chart

I am so running out of wall space but I decided I could squeeze one more anchor chart on them. We use “Math-U-See” for our math curriculum and I am in LOVE with it! It has completely changed the way we view math (yes, we…Myself included!) My oldest daughter struggled to “get it” until we switched to Math-u-see and now she sores right through it. It is great for visual learners!


All that to say that this week she has started place value over 100. Since she is a visual learner, I made this handy reminder for her about what goes where. I also made sure to include the commas so she could put that into perspective also. Feel free to duplicate and use as you wish!

Do you use anchor charts in your homeschool classroom? What are some of your favorites to have up?

2 thoughts on “Place Value Anchor Chart

  1. What a great idea! I am very visual too, and having charts and reminders posted is very helpful for mama as well as her students. I often leave vocabulary words posted that coordinate with our unit studies.

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