Lenten Rosary Craft


Wow I can’t believe it! Lent is just 5 days away. I have to say, Advent and Lent tie for my favorite times of the year. I love focusing in on the true sacrifices that our Savior made for us. It would have been so easy to let us drown in our sin or wipe us from the face of the earth. But instead he made a plan to redeem us and bring us back into fellowship with him the true righteous Redeemer.

I often joke about how our family is half breeds. My husband is Catholic and I am Protestant (Nazarene to be exact). We decided early on that we would raise our children knowing both aspects of the faith. We agree that as long as they love and serve Jesus whole heartedly  that is what really matters. That being said, I do believe that the husband should have the role of spiritual leader and head of the house hold. This situation only works because of his respect and love for me and vis versa. We trust each other and know that we both have our childrens best interest and eternal fate in mind. I have to take over the role of spiritual leader while he is at work. This means that I have had to grow in my faith also. I have immersed myself in the Catholic culture and try to equally represent it to them.

All that brings me to this post about having the children create a homemade rosary to use during this Lent season.

Supplies Needed:

Crucifix Medallion

Heart bead (or large bead)

53 beads of the same color

6 beads of a secondary color

nylon cording small enough to string through beads.

1. Fold cord in half and push the loop through the hole at the top of the cross medallion. Run the loose ends of the cord through the loop and pull tight. This will hold the cross at the bottom and give you two sides of the cord to work with.

2. Thread both open ends of the cord through 1 of the secondary color bead then tie a knot to hold in place.

3. Thread both ends of the cord through 3 of the primary colored beads and tie a knot to hold in place.

4. Again, thread both ends through 1 secondary bead and tie a knot.


5. Separate the ends of the cord and lace through the heart from opposite ends.

6. String the first decade using 10 primary colored beads followed by 1 secondary bead.  Tie a knot between decades then repeat the pattern. Do not add a secondary bead after the fifth decade.

7. After all the beads are strung, tie off the loose ends.

8. Have a priest bless the rosary before use! 

6 thoughts on “Lenten Rosary Craft

  1. How lovely! Wow! 🙂 So many traditions of the Church are so beautiful. What a blessing that you are teaching them to your children. 🙂

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  3. LOVE!!
    Wow, super directions…thank you So very much for sharing this! My kids are rosary junkies ( ! ) Not sure why they each seem to have a real affinity for collecting them, but they do! We made our own a year ago from a kit….but I really really like your idea here much better!
    I will give this try and let you know how it went! Pinning too!

    In addition, I love your intro to the craft instructions about your family’s faith and the mutual respect and love you and your hubby share. That is just beautiful

    I look forward to reading more…loved my visit!


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