Winter On The Farm

snow day on the farm

The view from our front porch on this snowy day!

I thought I’d take this snow day to write an update about what has been going on here on the “Triple-A-Farm”. We have had a mixed winter. In typical Kansas form it will be 60 degrees and nice one day and in the negatives and snow packed the next. In act about a week ago we were wearing short sleeves and had a family cook out with my parents. Then the very next day it was icy and frozen.

We are using this winter weather to complete some indoor 4H projects and record keeping. When it is nice outdoors we take full advantage of it!

shooting sports

Audrey practicing her archery at 4H shooting sports.

We are gearing up to have a busy few months. We are looking to add more chickens to the flock since ours are almost 3 yrs old. Audrey is doing a great job taking care of them. She even made them a special treat for the cold weather! We used the recipe for the flock block on The Prairie Homestead.

chicken treats

The goats are expecting babies the beginning of April which is always exciting. We have the birthing stall all cleaned out and ready. I tried to get a good picture of Polka Dot but couldn’t, she is about as big around as she is tall hahaha.

babies on board

Dad built us a new milk barn that will Donnie will be adding electricity to as soon as it warms up a bit. Hopefully it will be fully operational by the time we need to start milking.

milk barn

Other than that we are just trying to stay warm and dry! Hope you are all having a great snow day and staying busy this winter!

One thought on “Winter On The Farm

  1. I enjoyed this winter peek into the Hoggatt Home! This cold weather is keeping me from accomplishing as much as I should, even indoors. Looking forward to opening up the house and getting out-of-doors again!
    Love seeing your barn, goats and chickens. We’ve downscaled our little homestead, and I miss having chickens. Maybe one day again soon.
    Stay warm and safe and enjoy your days!

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