5 Finger Prayer

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We have had a busy Lent so far. We started out with a bang and then fizzled off a little during spring break. But, this week we are trying to get back in full swing. We are focusing on prayer!

It is super important to help kids foster a personal prayer time at an early age. Giving them all the tools possible to go to God with anything that they need to. Teaching them this at an early age means that when they are older they will have formed it as a habit. How good that will make my heart fell when they are troubled and run to God and not the world!

One way to teach children to have a healthy prayer life is to teach them how to pray. Jesus did that for us in the Lord’s prayer! Another is to teach them that prayer isn’t always about themselves. We use the 5 finger prayer to remember that.

Here is how it goes…

1. Your Thumb: The thumb is the closest finger to you so we use it to remind us to pray for those closest to us. People that are the easiest to remember.

2. Index Finger: It reminds us to pray for those who teach us, instruct us and heal us. They need support and wisdom to show direction to others.

3. Middle Finger: This finger is the tallest. We can use it to remind us to pray for those in leadership. Pray for the leaders of the church, our state and our country.

4. Ring Finger: This finger is the weakest so we should now remember those who are sick, oppressed or suffering.

5. Pinky Finger: The smallest finger of all reminds us to pray for ourselves. When we are done praying for others we will be able to see our own needs in the proper perspective. It also reminds us that prayer isn’t all about us but about God!

5 finger prayer

To remind my kids of this simple prayer pattern we made a craft!

Trace your child hand and have them design it. Then write each category on the correct finger. Hang it in a quiet place where they can go and spend time in prayer!


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