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blog tour

Welcome to the blog tour! So what is this blog tour, you may ask. Well, it is a way for you to get to know me a little better and for you to possibly find some new reads from my featured blogger friends.

I was introduced to this concept by Amanda at Busy Mama 911. Amanda is a mom, wife, 3rd shift 911 dispatcher and small business owner. She blogs about food, faith, family, and my love of DIY. Make sure to check her out!

So, here is how this will go…

I will answer 4 questions about myself and my writing. Then I will introduce you to a few of my blogger buddies for you to check out. You can go to their pages and find out more about them!

Question time!

1. What are you working on?

On top of our homeschooling adventures, I currently have my hands full with farm life! We have 3 newborn goat babies (triplets), 5 new baby chicks and a new milking mama goat.

Blog wise, I am also working on a review team for “More Than A Memory” which is a heart wrenching story/journal of a mother who is losing a child. I’m so excited to share more about this fantastic family and their story soon!

2. How does your work differ from others of its blogging genre?

One of my downfalls as a blogger is that I don’t have a niche. I prefer to call it a box! So I can say that I am constantly writing outside the box hahaha. But, I think it is hard for me to build an audience since I am not topic specific. I guess I would be where you would go to read about life! It is constantly changing and developing. I share homeschooling ideas, recipes, homesteading tips and much much more.

3. Why do you write what you do?

The short answer is that I just write. But really, I share what is happening in our life that I think others would find interesting. I also share what I feel God is laying on my heart to share. I like the crafty side of life as a homeschool family but I’m not afraid of the nitty gritty. If I’m going through it then there has to be someone else that is struggling through it also. So, why re-invent the wheel of lessons learned?

4. How does your writing process work?

I fly by the seat of my pants! I keep a notebook handy and jot down ideas, topics, or scriptures that cross my mind. Then when I have a spare minute I pick one and go for it. If we are doing something special in school or if I have worked hard making something to use in our classroom I share it. I guess my goal is to just make this journey easier for someone else who might be giving it a go. If I am writing for other blogs (like Homeschool Survival) I do have my hubby proof read since I’m not great with grammer and spelling. But on my personal blog you get just me!


Now I introduce you to some blogs that I think you should check out and follow!



Apron strings and other things

First up is my friend Linda! (read the answers to her questions here)

Linda Sears is a stay-at-home wife, homeschooling mother and doting grandmother. She and her husband have 8 children, a daughter-in-law, 2 sons-in-law and 6 grandchildren, so far. They have been homeschooling for more than 20 years, graduating 4 of their 8 children, with 4 more to go. You’ll find her at Apron Strings & other things where she shares tidbits, tales, tricks and tips from her days of raising children in various stages of cutting those apron strings. You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.


Kathy Lynn LaPan

Next I would like to introduce you to Kathy from Simply Homeschool Living.

(here are her answers!)

Kathy is 36 years old and lives in very, very Northern NY, close to the border of Vermont…not too far from Quebec.

She has an BS in Accounting and an MBA in Health Care Administration (Finance).

She has two kids, a 13 year old son and an 11 year old daughter. Both of her kids are very gifted but they’re also learning disabled; both her kids have ADHD, her son has OCD/anxiety disorder, and her daughter is severely dyslexic. Her husband of 14 years works in law enforcement.

Kathy suffered a severe spinal cord injury January 2011. She then had to relearn how to walk and care for herself. She still suffers from constant pain and trouble walking (among other things). She has a pump implanted in my spinal cord that makes it easier to control my body.

However, her injury was a blessing from the Lord because it allowed her to homeschool her children and also be involved in a ministry at her church for other disabled people. Both of her kids went to public school until her injury, when they were able to start homeschooling and educating them in the ways they need to be educated due to their giftedness and learning differences.

Kathy’s hobbies are reading, nail art (you can follow her on instagram @20blankcanvases), and blogging. she also plays video games and loves cartoons (her faves are Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball). She and her husband watch a lot of cooking shows together, especially Cutthroat Kitchen. Kathy is a huge Alton Brown fan!

You can also find Kathy on Facebook, Twitter,  and Pinterest.


7 thoughts on “Blog Tour

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  2. Sounds like there is never a dull moment at your place, Emmalee! Thank you for including me in your blog tour. So fun to read a little behind the scenes from blogs I enjoy visiting.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog, checking out your recipes, and seeing all the neat things you
    are doing in your home school. All the crafts, food, learning, farming, encouraging
    words from your studies with God, etc etc. You do SO much and make it look So easy!
    Gives me a lot of encouragement!! 🙂
    You are definitely a super-multi-tasker!!
    you go girl!! 🙂

  4. I would like some more info on the thieves oil, I bet that’s way better than Lysol,…or my do it solution bleach. With 3 boys living in the woods I always have something icky a foot.

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