“Easter Egg” Salad


Ok, I know Easter is over! You have boiled, colored, hidden, and found the eggs… NOW WHAT? I have to eat the eggs????

We are not big egg eaters here at The Hoggatt Homeschool which I know is surprising since we raise chickens to lay eggs. haha But we do like them in certain ways. One of them being in this egg salad recipe.

But first I want to share why we like farm fresh eggs…

1. They are beautiful!!!! (and yes you can dye farm eggs just fine)


Fresh eggs straight from our “Triple-A-Farm”!


Easter dyed farm eggs!

2. If your going to have a pet why not a chicken?


3. Nutritional value and knowing where your food comes from!



Now to the good stuff… The Recipe!!!!


6 hard boiled eggs

2 stalks of celery

sm. bunch of fresh chives

sm. bunch of fresh parsley

1 T. dijon mustard

1/4 c. mayonaise

salt and pepper to taste

First peel eggs and place in food processor.


Now you can see why I’m calling this batch Easter egg salad!

Next add in all the other ingredients.


Pulse food processor until you reach desired consistency. We like ours pretty smooth.

If you don’t have a food processor you could also finely chop ingredients and mix together by hand.


Serve as a cracker spread or as a sandwich. We like ours with fresh sliced tomato and avocados!


5 thoughts on ““Easter Egg” Salad

    • Go for it Amanda! We love having them around. We currently have 5 laying hens and 5 babies that are inside now but will eventually be added into the laying hens. My parents live a mile north and have 12 laying hens. Eggs are never in short supply here! The trick is finding ways to use them all haha

  1. We have three laying hens and when we boil their eggs, they don’t peel very easily. Your recipe looks delicious! especially with avocado … my favorite!

    • I have tried all sorts of things to get fresh eggs to peel. I have come to the conclusion that they just don’t! If we let them sit in the fridge for about a week then they peel nicely.

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