Spring Has Sprung On The Farm!

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Spring has sprung her on the Triple-A-Farm! The green grass is coming in and the first few blooms are appearing. The weather has been great. The girls have gotten to have a lot of outdoor play time which helps the school days pass quickly.

I sent Audrey out with my camera the other morning to capture some  spring images as possible 4H photography exhibits. She got a great photo of the daffodils blooming. She said it is her favorite flower!



The laying hens are also enjoying the spring time weather. Bugs are beginning to peek their heads out of the ground and just as they do the feathered girls gobble them right up. The tender green grass is also a big favorite. I don’t mind since their egg production is back up and the super orange yolk farm fresh eggs can’t be beat.


Speckle (a silver laced wyandotte) and Gretel (a buff orphinton).



Henny Penny (a buff orphington)


Puffy Face (a rainbow layer) with Speckle and Gretle

Speaking of feathered friends… We have 5 new additions to the flock. Although they are inside at the current moment. Meet Sally (a rainbow layer), Little Red (a Rhode Island red), Bestie (a black sex link), Zebra (a Plymouth rock) and Buttercup (a buff orphington).

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With the new baby chicks we decided to expand the chicken run and build them a new house. It will be quite a bit larger with a walk in door. Can’t wait! It will make is much easier to gather eggs and keep clean.


We are currently on baby watch with the four legged furries. Polka Dot is due on the 6th although she has been showing signs of labor for about a week now. Her milk is in so I know it is just a matter of time. She is moving super slow and does a lot of moaning when she lays down. She doesn’t have much room left haha Baby monitor is on and I’m impatiently waiting to meet her babies!


Not the best photo but poor girl is moving slow!

Not to be left out or out done, Brownie is as feisty as ever! She may surprise us and pop out a baby of her own although I’m not certain she took.


Hubby has the milk barn/nursery wired up and ready to go. It is so nice to be able to flip a switch and have bright light to work by. I am so lucky to have him and his talent. He never would have expected to be living the small country life but I secretly think he likes it haha. I’m determined to take the city boy out of him yet! haha

Keep a watch out for a baby update! I will post pictures and of course names when our little ones arrive! Hopefully SOON!!!! I never was very good at waiting haha!


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