The Babies are here!!!!

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We sure had some excitement yesterday evening!!!! I noticed in the morning our Polk-a-dot was acting a little differently. By 5pm I was sure that she was having the babies! I moved her into her own pin and she got comfortable. Maybe to comfortable!

10170914_10100361939826942_6945660167032768833_nThe girls and I waited not so patiently!


By 8:30 nothing had happened and I got worried!!! Called the vet and took her in to see him. At about 9:30 we welcomed the first born! A BOY who was sideways and blocking the exit. Next came a little girl! The just when you think it is over another sideways baby got pulled out and this time it was another girl!

We got mama and babies home safely!


Although after all the birthing stress she wasn’t so keen on them so we ended up having them spent the night in the milk barn nursery. So now we have 3 babies to bottle feed! I like it better that way any how!

10155285_10100362266018252_5549686412131565771_nMeet the newest additions…


Baby Boy!


Baby Girl #1!


Baby Girl #2!

Noe to figure out the names! haha Defiantly open to suggestions!!!!

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