Allergy Relief with Essential Oils

EO Alergy Relief

It is that time of year… Grass is growing, trees are budding, and flowers are blooming. It seems like such a peaceful scene and a reminder of new life. Until you add in dust is blowing, pollen is spreading, and grass is being cut and swirling around you.

Many of us allergy suffers have mixed emotions about Spring. I love the beauty but hate the consequences haha

Today I’m sharing my essential oil concoctions that I use to help fight the watery eyes, stuffy nose, sinus headaches and stiffness that accompanies this time of year.

For Runny nose…

Place 1 drop chamomile and 1 drop lemon oil into a hanky or tissue and inhale.

For stuffy nose…

Use peppermint oil.

For sinus pain or headache…

Bring a pot of water to a low boil. Add in 1 drop of peppermint or eucalyptus. Place towel over your head and inhale the steam through your nose.

Dilute peppermint oil with a carrier oil (avocado, coconut, etc…). Massage into temples forehead or neck.

Allergy bath…

1/2 cup epson salt + 1/2 cup baking soda + 2 drops chamomile, 2 drops lemon, and 1 drop lavender.

Allergy aches…

Combine 2 drops chamomile, 1 drop geranium and 1 drop lemon. Dilute with carrier oil and massage onto neck.

Cough or chest congestion…

Apply “Breathe Again” or R.C. oil to chest throat or back.

Apply Thieves oil to feet or dilute with carrier oil and apply to chest/back.

Sore Throat…

Combine 1 drop thieves and 2 drops lemon with hot water and a teaspoon local honey and drink.

Garggle with 1 drop thieves and 2 drops lemon diluted with warm water.

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