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Finally the baby chicks are outside!

What people don’t tell you about the little cute puff ball chicks is that in a matter of weeks they turn into not so cute gangly teenagers. They outgrow their indoor cage very quickly yet they are not ready to be out on their own. They have no defense against predators or the street smarts to hang with the older hens.

However, this transition has gone better than some. Since out big hen house is not yet complete, We had to mix the babies in with the older hens. This works ok since I allow the big ones to free range during the day. They are only in together at night. The babies occupy the run during the day and have gotten good at hiding under the house when a shadow from above swoops over. So far no hawk incidents.

I let the hens get to bed and settled on the roost then we shove the babies in with them. I have found them in one of the nesting boxes every morning.

At first they were unsure about the ground beneath them and kept trying to climb the fence since they had never been on anythng but wire and bedding. But now they are racing up and down the grass in the run.

Here are some photos of my juvenile delinquents! haha



Buttercup isn’t camera shy!


Chicken Races!

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