How Adoption From China & Batten Disease Changed A Families Life Forever


One Family’s Story of Love, Pain, Loss, and Joy

The Fileccias did not consider themselves special; just an ordinary family. Yet in 2003, God chose them to begin an extraordinary life journey. Trusting in their faith, Rusty and Nancy packed up their three children and traveled to China to adopt Xing Dan Nang (Candace), an eight-year-old blind girl. Little did they know this trip would lead them through the deepest valleys a family could ever experience.

The challenge of teaching a blind child paled to insignificance when their precious daughter was diagnosed with Battens, a fatal disease, in 2006. The next three years became a roller coaster ride of deep despair, desperate hope, and searching for answers. Based on Nancy’s heartfelt journal entries of their journey, the story of Candace Kate unfolds, shining a light on God’s purpose to give this little girl a “forever family” and showing how she lived a full life in only thirteen years.

Life is short; no one is guaranteed eighty years. But during our time on earth we can inspire, love, and show God’s undying love for us, before He calls us home.

What I thought about the book…

WOW!!!! I enjoyed this book! It is a must read for ALL mothers not just those with special needs or adoption. Nancy takes us on an emotional journey through her daughters life, the good times and the bad. You will want to have your tissues handy because it is a tear jerker!

She shares with us the emotions and thoughts that she has during her families journey with Batten disease. She gives us her honest and true feelings and reminds us that it is ok to go through them. Nancy reminds us that even when we are in the hard times God is still with us and has triumphed over death. God’s will is also good and perfect even when we can’t see past the pain of right now!

“During these trials, the Lord never left my side. While I did not know how the events would unfold, He did.”

comfort zone

Nancy and her family never took no for an answer, even when things were growing dim, they fought for Candace.  They knew her life was important then Batten disease even up to the last minute of it!

“I urge you to be strong, to stand firm in your convictions. Don’t allow the pressure of other people’s opinions to dissuade you. Keep pushing onward, keep seeking, and continue until you find the truth. No matter what that truth may hold.”

Candace’s story reminds us that none of us have a guarantee! We must make the most out of the time we are given and us every second to make memories and honor God.

“Make memories! Even in the midst of tragedy it is sometimes necessary to take a break for our own sanity; otherwise we can’t be there for those who depend on us.”

The Candace Kate Story challenges us to be the voice of our child when they don’t have one of their own! As a mother you know your child and know what they need even when they don’t.



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2 thoughts on “How Adoption From China & Batten Disease Changed A Families Life Forever

  1. My uncle and his wife adopted 2 beautiful girls from China – one had severe curvature of the spine and other physical needs. These girls quickly became part of the family and my uncle and aunt saw to getting them the medical care needed and these girls live full and rich lives today.

    • Unfortunately this story doesn’t have such a happy ending. Candace’s disease was terminal. But the inspiring thing is how her life affected the faith of this family. She proved that God is still on the throne! He is with us just as much today as when he walked the earth in the flesh!

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