Back To School Photos 2014


It is “Not” back to school week here at the Hoggatt Homeschool. Yesterday I shared about our “Not” Back to School Day celebration and the “Back to School Fairy”. Today I’ll share about our school photos!

Every year I make the girls a special outfit to celebrate their new year and all the accomplishments that lay ahead of them… Well… this year I have found myself behind the curve ball.

But I did manage to find these pretty cool dresses on CLEARANCE!!! $5 a piece to be exact! I can bye the fabric for that cheap, let alone the sewing time! I modified them by adding a felt owl applique ($0.97) glued to a pin to match our Back to OWL school theme.


The girls loved their dresses and off to the traditional tree we went!


My beautiful big girl Audrey! 3rd Grade!


My growing up way to fast Alyssa! 2nd/3rd Grade!


My always and forever baby Ashlee! PreK!



The Hoggatt Homeschool Sisters!


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