What We’re Learning in 2014

Inside of a classroom with back to school on the chalkboard

We are switching is up again this year and using a combination of things to create our own custom curriculum!

I don’t think that picking out your school year is a one sized fits all decision. We have switched something up every year to find the perfect fit for each and their individual learning style.


Last year the switch was made to Math-U-See! I can’t even begin to cover all the things that it helped with. It truly changed the way we think about our math. I LOVE this program!!!! In fact it should be called Math-U-See and Tears You DON’T! My girls just took off!

Audrey will be doing Gamma level this year and Alyssa will be Beta level!



The NEW curriculum and change for this year is that both girls will be doing 3rd grade language arts using Switched On Schoolhouse. Audrey is still a gifted with a glitch learner. She struggles with reading and comprehension. While Alyssa has just taken off in that area. See each child is different with different talents and gifts!

I’m hoping the visual learning approach will help them both enjoy this upcoming year!

2421485Our Bible/History is still combined and we are still using the Children’s Bible Quizzing Material from Nazarene Publishing House. I could go on forever about this material. We are studying the book of Exodus this year! it is amazing how much my kids absorb and enjoy these studys.


So far on science…

I have just hodge podged some unit studies like the two following. I will admit again that this year has caught me off my game. But at least we have a starting point!

Forces & Motion



States Of Matter


For the 3 Pre-K’s (mine plus 2 daycare)…

We are going back to the old faithful Funshine Express!


I used this with my older’s at that age also and love how flexible and convenient it is. Everything comes pre-packaged and as close to ready to go as possible. The teachers guide is full of ideas and extra activities.


All the craft material, worksheets, and practice pages are already to use. Each month I receive them in the monthly kit and organize into themes.


What curriculum are you using this year?





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