This week in our Fireflies by Funshine Express preschool we are starting the Apples Everywhere theme. So get ready for a flood of apple activities!!!!

Last week we worked on the Letter Aa and did some fun apple stamping that you can check out here!



First up this week was the “Orchard Tree” creative arts activity in the September Fireflies pack. I can’t tell you how convenient and easy these crafts are to prepare. It really just is opening them envelope and passing out the resources included. It has EVERYTHING you need!!!!

The kiddos colored the tree top pattern. Then stamped apples using poms and clothespins. Next, they rolled the brown paper to create the tree trunk. After the paint dried we notched the trees and trunks and slide them together.



We used the Orchard Tree’s to play a game of “Ring Around the Orchard Tree”

Ring Around the Orchard Tree

(Sung to “Ring Around the Rosie”)

Ring around the orchard tree.

Branches full of apples.

Shake it, shake it,

They all fall down!


Another fun craft in this month’s kit is the “Wormy Puppet”! Let’s face it…kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE puppets!!!


After creating this fun craft we used them to sing “Apples Falling”

Apples Falling

(sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)

Apples falling from the tree,

From the tree, from the tree,

Apples falling from the tree,

To the ground below.

(use hands to flutter downward)

On the apple sits a worm,

Sits a worm, sits a worm,

Falling from the apple tree,

To the ground below.

(wiggle finger in worm puppet)


the kiddos loved both the craft and game activities. Stay tuned for more apple activities later this week!!!!!

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