Learning Circles with Funshine Express + Freebies!!!!

Learning circles


I am so excited to have joined in the Funshine Express team as a blogger. What this means is that I get to share with you the great ideas that we are using in our preschool curriculum this year. If you aren’t familiar with Funshine Express make sure to check them out. They offer a very flexible preK curriculum that has many subscription options to choose from. There is something for every age birth – preK. We use the monthly curriculum boxes for Fireflies age.  They also offer online subscriptions so you can print what you need. On top of that there are also always monthly extras for free!!!!!


This month we are learning about Circles as our shape of the month. I have also put together some free extras for you to grab to help practice!

Today we made our circle collage included in the September craft box. It was super fun for the kids to trace and color. A great way to practice fine motor and pre-writing skills too!



Finished Circle Collage from Fireflies September Kit!


For some extra pre-writing/fine motor practice I made these circle tracing worksheets. Grab yours for FREE now!


Once the kiddos have the concept of what a circle looks like and how to write it you can start to incorporate other concepts like 1:1 ratios, matching, size sorting, etc…

To help with those skills I made a Circle Sort game that you can also grab here for FREE!!!! We used it in a variety of ways…

A matching/puzzle game (print off 2 copies per child)


A size sorting game (1 copy per child)

~ Have child place in order from large to small.

~ Have child point to largest circle, middle circle, smallest circle, etc…

~ Give directions and practice listening skills. ie… Place the small circle on top of the large circle, Place the middle circle left of the large circle, etc…



We also used them to play hide the circle (like hide and seek).

Lots of fun for the kiddos and I had a great time too!

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